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USB integration

USB integration allows connection of a flash drive/external hard drive full of your digital music into your car audio system. Your flash drive becomes a virtual CD changer allowing control over the folders/files from the stereo buttons or steering wheel controls. 


USB Input to your Factory Car Stereo
Plays music files stored on the USB drive directly through your car stereo system.

Integrated Controls
Allows you to advance, songs, folders and more, using car stereo or steering wheel controls.

Text Display (stereo permitting)
Shows song title, album, artist name on your radio screen.

CD Quality Sound
Delivers high fidelity sound via your vehicle stereo system.

Main Characteristics:

• MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC decoder
• Supports USB stick or Hard Drive
• Navigate through directories and map them to the disk buttons on your car stereo.
• FAT 16/32 system supported with up to 32GB capacity.
• Shuffle, scan, repeat through your MP3/WMA files.
• Playlist positions are preserved for several USB sticks.


USB integration is available on the following products:


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